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Alpha Lipid Lifeline is nutritionally complete and balanced powdered milk, the help perfect combination of colostrum and vitamins to boost your immune system

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Colostrum truly is a superfood. Also known as 'first milk' or 'liquid gold', it is a special milk-like fluid produced by cows, humans, and all other mammals in late pregnancy and the first few days after giving birth. It's light yellow, gold, or sometimes clear in colour, and is a thick, creamy liquid. And wow, is it packed with amazing properties that protect and nourish your body.

Newborns of all mammalian species have immature, undeveloped immune and digestive systems, colostrum provides a diverse range of enzymes, antibodies, and growth factors, along with a healthy serving of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, all designed to promote the baby's growth and stimulate development of the immune system. Mothers feed this milk to the newborn immediately following birth, and it is only available for a limited amount of time (typically around 3-4 days). Colostrum is densely packed with nutrients that protect and nourish the baby for the first few days of life. Although the amount of colostrum produced is very small, its high nutrient content is second-tonone and easy for newborns to digest. Colostrum provides everything a baby needs to thrive at the beginning of life. In fact, it is often referred to as nature's 'first food.'

Science has discovered that because colostrum is non-species specific, humans may benefit from taking bovine colostrum long after birth - throughout childhood, adulthood and into their senior years.

Research also shows that taking bovine colostrum supplements may promote immunity, help fight ills and chills, and improve gut health throughout life. Luckily for us, cows produce much more colostrum than they need. Once a cow has given birth, she produces approximately 25 litres of colostrum over the following 72 hours. The first five litres is given to the calf as this is vital for its survival and health. These five litres provide sufficient colostrum to ensure adequate nutrition to the calf and to safeguard herd quality.

To enhance your health and improve your immunity, you need to start with your gut. This place houses at least 70 percent of all cells that make up your immune system. The immune-boosting effects of colostrum are mostly due to its high concentration of antibodies IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight these ills and chills. Research suggests that colostrum's antibody levels are 100 times higher than in regular cow's milk. These high anti- body levels can help to balance your immune system and protect your digestive system by nourishing the gut wall. A healthy gut wall means our bodies have a natural defence system giving us the resistance we need to fight off bugs and ills and chills helping our bodies perform at their best.

A healthy gut can determine your overall health and wellbeing. Colostrum may stimulate the growth of intestinal cells, strengthen the gut wall, and prevent intestinal permeability.

Lactoferrin acts as a prebiotic and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

It also has been shown to support health of the gastrointestinal tract by increasing the surface area of your intestinal lining. This helps to improve the overall absorption of nutrients.

Rich in immunoglobulins & other natural antibodies, colostrum supplementation can help improve the microbiome - trillions of microbes living in your gut. Colostrum may also encourage the growth of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. Probiotics are tiny organisms that your gut loves. Probiotics are often called 'good bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy, help with food digestion, help produce certain vitamins and help with the regulation of 'bad' bacteria. You can supplement probiotics with Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum as it contains natural antibodies that build immunity through gut health. The growth factors in colostrum may help probiotics flourish and recolonise your gut; as such, colostrum is considered a prebiotic.

However, not all colostrum products are the same. To ensure maximum benefit, it is vital that as much natural bioactive colostrum is delivered to our bodies as possible. New Image™ International's exclusive Alpha Lipid™ technology coats colostrum particles, protecting the nutrients as they pass through our harsh stomach environment. The Alpha Lipid™ coating is both water and fat-soluble, improving the spread and absorption of colostrum particles into our bodies.

Nature's best-kept secret is powerful support for your immune system. Colostrum is naturally occurring, and its proteins and antibodies support your immune system helping you feel fit, healthy and protected.


6 Reasons To Take Colostrum

Colostrum truly is amazing. The whole family can improve their health with this powerful scientifically proven superfood. Take a look at our top six reasons to include colostrum into your day.

  1. Healthy immunity
    Colostrum supports a healthy immune system. It's one of colostrum's biggest benefits. Taking colostrum daily ensures the body is primed to resist a wide variety of bugs pills and chills. Among the immune components in colostrum are antibodies called immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, proline rich polypeptides, cytokines and growth factors as well as proteins vitamins and minerals.
  2. Digestive health
    Studies have highlighted the benefit of bovine colostrum to help support a healthy digestive system, optimising the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food and offering natural resistance against various pathogens that enter through the gut.
  3. Heart health
    Colostrum can help lower ldl cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research has also shown that heart disease can involve immune sensitisation to cardiac antigens, meaning the immune system may play a part in heart disease. The prps found in colostrum may have a role in reversing heart disease.
  4. Bone health
    Lactoferrin is a protein found in colostrum. A number of invitro and animal studies have found that both human and cow lactoferrin supports healthy osteoblasts and normal bone formation. It is also thought that lactoferrin may maintain healthy austrogenic activity which has a protective effect on bone mass, especially in women.
  5. Healthy ageing
    Colostrum supports gut health, healthy immunity and influences the health of our stem cells all things that contribute to healthy ageing and longevity.
  6. Healing and repair
    Colostrum can support your body's healing and repair processes. The mucosal cell lining heart tissue and blood vessels.It is great for sports people of all levels. Often during intense exercise muscles suffer micro tears as part of the muscle building process. More serious tears or strains can occur to the muscles tendons and ligaments with overuse or incorrect training. Colostrum supports the natural healthy repair of tissues.

In New Zealand, cows enjoy open green pasture and are free roaming. Their care is maintained by strict government regulations and New Zealand farmers are recognised around the world for their superior farming techniques and standards. New Zealand colostrum is collected fresh and processed immediately. In some countries, colostrum is not so fresh because it is frozen prior to processing.

Once our colostrum is collected, it is stored in a sterilised stainless steel tank to be picked up for processing on the same day. The colostrum is then tested for purity and levels of bio-active ingredients. The colostrum used by New Image has earned wide respect and recognition for its quality. Only the highest quality colostrum is used, under strict guidelines enforced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

Colostrum works with your body to utilise its natural substance and increase your overall health. After puberty our body begins slowing down the production of growth hormones. These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our body cellular tissue. It has been shown that by age 80 we are producing virtually no growth hormones and so we age and die. Colostrum's growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that (normal) not aged, cancerous, wrinkled or weakened. The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the most effective anti-aging process would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow, possibly stop and even reverse the aging process.

Colostrum not only contains all the goodness of milk but also contains significant levels of growth promoting and disease fighting substances commonly referred to as growth factors, immune factors and immunoglobulins. These substances are also present in milk but at negligible levels. Further, colostrum has a much higher protein, vitamin, mineral content and is lower in lactose.

Antibodies are very specialised molecules that are produced by the body's immune system. They are produced in response to the host being exposed to an immunogenic or foreign substance (antigen) such as an infectious microbe. Their action is to ward off or neutralise potential disease-causing agents. A very important feature of antibodies is that they are directed specifically to their antigen that induced their formation.

Once puberty has passed, our bodies begin the aging process by gradually producing less of the immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. Colostrum is the only natural source of these life-giving components.

Absolutely. Paediatricians recommend that infants, who have not been breastfeed, be given Colostrum to supplement their formula. Colostrum can help growing children in many ways, for better concentration, increased memory plus children have a higher tendency to catch colds and illness from other schoolmates and Colostrum will help immensely. We suggest that you consult with your paediatrician for proper dosage information.

If they cannot swallow a capsule, then break it in half and sprinkle on their food (i.e. yoghurt) to avoid choking.

Colostrum is neither animal nor vegetable. Although Colostrum comes from cows, it has been an important part of the strict Vegan diet of India's Hindu Rishis (spiritual leaders) for thousands of years. In present day India, the milkman delivers Colostrum to wealthy vegans. Our Colostrum capsules are vegi-capspresent-day

Colostrum heals the digestive tract so well that all substances eaten internally (food, herbs, natural healing substances and medications) will become more bioavailable to the body. Although Colostrum has no known drug interactions, you may find that other supplements and medications that you are taking will have a more pronounced effect. As always consult your doctor.

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